Friday, 29 July 2011


About a year ago I lost Itunes. Not down the back of the couch, but rather it just decided it hated me and stopped working on my computer. Maybe because I used Windows Vista, offically the most annoying operating system I've used. Maybe it's just because Apple thought I didn't deserve it. Probably a bit of both. So, pretty much it stopped working and even when I completly deleted it, I couldn't get it to reinstall on my computer. Poor show by Apple.

To begin with this really annoyed me. I used to listen to about 20 different podcasts and get the itunes "song of the week" every week. I'd go onto it looking forward to these things, because itunes would find them for me. When it abandoned me, I started looking on the source sites for the podcasts, but I slowly gave up, and one by one I stopped listening to them. It was just too much hassle. But now I didn't listen to these podcasts I had to fill my time with other things. I started playing more and better games, eventually leading to me owning every Valve game. I got back into watching films, and the more films I watched, the more I liked and eventually it made me realise what I wanted to study at uni and do with my life. And it gave me the time to use my brain to write things. Such as this very blog. So, it could be said that losing itunes gave me the kick to start to do the things I always should have been doing.

Which brings me to my problem. I've just been given a new laptop for using when I go to university. And it has windows 7. Which means I have itunes again. I'm going to get it back, because using an ipod and an old mp3 player, which I've been having to do is incredibly awkward. But what will this do to my life. Will I go back to my old ways, fiddling about on itunes for half my day, listening to podcasts while going on facebook? I hope not. I don't plan to. But if this blog stops and people stop seeing me in cash converters buying 15 dvds at a time, give me a shout and tell me "Get rid of itunes, it's making you a vegetable". I'll laugh and smile and tell you you're an idiot, but maybe, just maybe it'll remind me of now and the good times I had when I didn't have Apple in my life.

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