Thursday, 26 January 2012

WSIFITS: Haggis crisps

In a little late-Burns night special...

Right, so normally these things I find in shops are a bit weird and rare. But, this is probably something you can get in any supermarket. In Scotland. But… that doesn’t stop it from being fucking weird as shit. Haggis flavoured crisps. Which is just weird. Was there really such a group of people calling out for this? Oh well, I saw them and I bought them. Because I’m an idiot. On closer inspection however (I ate them) they... weren’t very haggisy. They’re kinda spicy, and they have a really strange unexplainable taste, but one thing is for sure, it’s definitely not haggis. And also, it’s definitely not tasty. So don’t get these. I really don’t know why they exist. Haggis flavoured crisps that don't taste like haggis and aren't very good either, mmmmmmmm. Why did I buy these?
This is a horrible picture.

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