Monday, 27 June 2011

Back from holiday.

And so I'm back from holiday. I feel I should write about the things I did while I was away, but I know what it's like to hear stories you weren't part of and I don't want to bore you. Well, I probably wouldn't bore, but possibly make you question my sanity with stories of getting lost and turning up in a hotel bar pretending to be irish with no memory and no shoes. Or shouting all the way through Ireland about DOBACK while making a four bed superbed.

These are the sort of things that happen on my holidays, and I had fun. Even when I was stuck in bed for two days due to heat stroke, and when I ran out of money, twice. And when I crashed about 10 on my last night because I'd pretty much been up drinking to the early hours of the morning for 19 days in a row. So just, I had fun, it was a bit weird, and now I'm back. I'll write something people want to read soon, but currently I'm too busy being really tired and getting annoyed at Infamous 2. So now, heres a nice wee song.

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