Friday, 10 June 2011

Things to keep you amused.

I'm away on holiday until pretty much the end of the month. So I thought I'd collect all the things I've done, but forgotten to post over the past few months for you lot to watch, read and listen to until I'm back.

Distant Thunder
A short student film I was in, written and directed by Jayne Ferris. The actual film isn't online yet, but there's both the trailer and a collection of bloopers to watch.

Blooper reel

My Youtube Channel
I've got lots of old videos on here. Most of them are terrible, but even if they are, they're still worth a watch for a laugh. And theres a video of Alan Coull getting it on.

Professor Green
This is strictly speaking cheating. I didn't make this at all. But hey, I'm in it. And so's a hilarious girl. So watch it.

I'm featured a number of times on this site. Mainly because I know the people who own it. But still...
So lots of things to read:

Enter the Matrix Review
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Review
Leprechaun In Da Hood Review

They also have a furiously award winning podcast. The episodes featuring me are Season 2: Episode 1 and Season 2: Bonus Speciale. But hey, it's free so I'd advise you to listen to more than just those two. Either way, here's the itunes link.

So that's it. Hopefully it'll keep you going til I'm back. See you suckas in July.
Cheers lads!

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