Thursday, 15 September 2011

Coming Soon... if you're really that bothered.

Ah! This is more like it. Forget lists and reviews for a minutes and let me just say a few words that really have nothing to do with anything important. Right, so now everyone’s stopped reading, let me continue. Lots of things are going on right now. I’ve moved into my new flat. It’s boiling hot and this chair sits oddly like it’s trying to throw me out of it. But overall it’s not bad. I’ve got a new girl, which is unfortunate, because it might lead to me being not quite as filled with hate for everything, but after a search for a suit that took about 9 years yesterday, I somehow feel that might not be the case. I’ve started at uni, which means I both have more and less time. I have more time in my flat for me to write and that, but I also have to read texts and do actual writing for important things. Oh dear. Hopefully it won’t drain the creative juices. Oh and at the time of writing I’m away to go to the Sensation for the first time. Better be good.

And now for a list of things…. COMING SOON. I know, I know, calm your excitement.

1. My laptop has an inbuilt webcam so now I can again record video of me talking, it can’t be long til the return of Poundcorner, and I definitely have a fair few things to talk about now.
2. I’m in the process of finding a camcorder. Now you might say, why do I need one if I can record vlogs on my laptop. Well, you can’t know yet… well only kidding. I’d gonna make a short film/sketch. It’s written, but you don’t get to see it yet.
3. I have ideas for some new blogs all buzzing about my head, so now I’m settled in the flat, I should be getting them out more often that when I was working 9 days in a row then moving then freshers.
4. For either the 75th or 100th post, or even maybe the 5000 view if we’re organized enough, there’s gonna be another podcast. But this time. It’s personal.
And 4. Project Vincent. It’s a plan Lewis Bage and I have hatched. All I can tell you is it’s within the law. That’s it. We’re not revealing any more at this moment. It’s been on hold for about a week and a half, but now we’re back in business, so get ready to hear more of that soon.

And as with all these blogs about nothing I need to make it up to you with a picture of me doing something stupid. So here's me and Mr T. Ish.

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