Monday, 19 September 2011

WSIFITS: The Shawshank... wait, NO. No it just can't be.

Right so, in Cash Generator they sell 4 packs of DVDs in a single case. You’re probably seen them in other shops too, but you won’t have paid a lot of attention, because although it’s 4 films for the price of 1, it’s unbelievably obvious to see why. Last set I bought was a creature features set featuring: Octopus, Octopus 2, Spiders and Spiders 2. They all have an Imdb rating of lower than 3/10 and were all straight to dvd b-movies. And that was one of the better sets. Pretty much what I’m saying is that all the sets are total shite. In Cash Generator it costs £1 for a set. That’s 25 pence per film.  Hardly bank breaking. So I bought a set the other day. It featured Final Scream, Shivers and Witchcraft. These, well I haven’t watched them yet, but I looked them up and they seem to be the usual standard of trash they put on these sets. So far, so bad. Then, we come to the reason I bought a set of four films which I knew would be bad and didn’t even look very funny. Packed with those three, was this little film called The Shawshank Redemption. Wait. WHAT?

Seriously… What the actual fuck? Shawshank has been voted the greatest film of all time, how did “Prism Leisure” get the rights to distribute it? And when they did, why did they think it was a good idea to pack in a multipack with three rubbish films. I have no more to say about this because I literally can’t comprehend this. It’s completely beyond me. Just… what?

Look at it. I'm not even kidding. This thing exists. It cost me £1.

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