Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Doctor Who Review: Night Terrors

Now THAT is what I call entertainment. I absolutely loved this episode. I really don't know what to say about it, it really just had everything. It was funny, especially the part at the start where the Tardis crew investigate the council estate, which I partically liked, because it showed up my problem with the Russell T Davies stories, the Doctor fitted too well into the estates in those series. I've always thought that the Doctor would stand out there, I mean he's a 900ish year old alien who dresses like an old man and talks like a manaic, and he never got any hate before?  This was far more like what would really happen if a guy like him turned up in a place like that.

But enough of other series's problems. Back to Night Terrors. Again, more things I liked. The idea of the Doctor coming all the way across the universe to save one scared boy was a sweet one, and although the kid playing George wasn't the best actor, the way they used him, mean you barely noticed. The dolls' house and the dolls themselves were wonderfully inventive and surprisingly creepy and the idea of all the monsters in the cupboard was the stuff of nightmares. The plot was intreguing and I thought it had a rewarding reveal. And the main credit for this story being so good has to go the cast. The regulars were on top form, especially Matt Smith, and his scenes with Daniel Mays shined with brilliant acting from both of them. Even the bit parts, such as the landlord and the old woman were hilarious and unbelievably well developed for the short time they were on screen. And there was even a speech misquoted from the old series to keep me happy. Honestly, I can't find fault in this story, and in fact it's already my favourite Matt Smith episode, and after repeated viewing could be my favourite from the new series. I really can't praise it enough, and I hope we see more of this caliber in years to come.


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  1. I agree, it reminded me why I love Doctor Who. Written by Mark Gatiss though, so i should have expected it to be amazing. Rory and amy were next to useless again though.