Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 7/8 and why I don't think we should talk to Lewis.

Day 7: Your Zodiac Sign and...SHITE. Zodiac is shite. So i'll tell you about something freaky that happened with me and a fortune cookie. I said "Bet this says something shite like "Your lucky flower is rose"" and then I opened the cookie and it did. A bit creepy, isn't it?

Day 8: A moment you felt most satisfied in your life.Not the most satisfied moment, but I felt very satusfied when I managed to revise for about 20 minutes then get an A for all my highers. There's not a lot of point to this, but it just reminded me of everyone staying in every night and day to get their grades while I was having fun, then I still did well. And I always take pleasure in doing as little work as possible.

And now for a little story. I was in town with my friend Lewis the other day. And I saw a hot girl, I said "She's a nice looking lassie" or something like that, but possibly more sexist. Then Lewis turned round and said "Yeh, she's alright. For a coloured girl!" What depths will he reach next? Will he trip up a blind man? Or steal candy from a baby? All I know is, I don't approve of this behavior by Mr Bage, and I will be seeing him in court.

what a racist.

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