Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Real Box Podcast

The podcast I posted before as the box podcast wasn't the box podcast. Mainly because it didn't involve a box. You might ask, how did I get between the two, well... I didnt listen to the first one. I did however listen to this one. And in fact, I did a bit of editing. So it's not quite as much of of an awful mess. Only just though. At least this one's short.

So in the style of the 80's Ghostbusters cartoons, here is The Real Box Podcast.

Blogger has been down a few days, so you've been deprived of my ramblings and I've had nowhere to ramble. It's been a bad time for me, with this and the PSN down, with nothing to do but watch films and actually go out and make human contact. But this has meant I've got a couple of things written in advance for the blog, so they'll be on their way soon.

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