Thursday, 29 December 2011

TV of 2011

So today it's time to look at the tv of 2011 and see what we liked and disliked.

BEST: Doctor Who
I think you all know what I’ll put here. If you know me or read this blog at all, then you’ll realise that it’s Doctor Who. I love that show. But hey, this is the best of 2011, not just what I like all the time, so I can’t just give the best to Who because I always like it. No, instead it’s getting it because it’s been possibly the best year of the revived series so far. There were only two episodes I didn’t like and even one of them had its moments. People have said this year was too complex, well I like my Doctor Who complex, it’s a family show, not a kids’ show, so it should have stuff in it that makes you use your brain. Oh and some people are still moaning about the lack of David Tennant. Well, he’s gone, there were better Doctors before him and there’s been a better one since, so I really don’t see what people are complaining about. So, interesting storyline, great individual episodes, great cast and scripts, I hope this streak of great Who continues.

After writing this we had the Christmas special. I am disappointed in the sudden drop in quality, but it doesn’t ruin the fun I had watching the earlier episodes.

RUNNERS-UP: Futurama/Chuck
I have two. One is Futurama. After a troubled return, it’s back on form and is generally a great show again. It’s not best show material though, except for one episode. The last episode of the current series was called “Re-incarnation”. Now, maybe it’s just my film geeky side talking, but this is one of the best half hours of TV I’ve seen this year. I won’t say much, but definitely check it out if you haven’t already.
And the other one is a show no-one watches, Chuck. It’s a show about a man who works in an electrical store that gets a supercomputer downloaded into his brain and he has to use it to help the government as a spy. The first series was on Virgin 1, but I’ve not seen it on British TV since. The show went downhill for a bit, but this series has really picked up, and I’d advise you to check it out, it’s a very entertaining and well-made show, and it’s a shame it never really got much attention.

 After writing this I found Season 1 in Grouchos. Very pleased.

WORST: Family Guy
Family Guy. Right let’s move on. Oh, I suppose I should say a few words. The show hasn’t been funny for years, but this year it’s decided to tackle series issues and it’s just offensive for no reason. It’s a sick show that deserves to get cancelled. If you want to hear more, listen to episode II of the Damn Dirty Apes podcast, I get mad.
A special mention here should go to Misfits. I can’t give it the worst TV show of the year award, because technically it’s not, but it’s really disappointed me this year. It used to be a story about people with superpowers with the twist being they’re ‘ASBO kids’. But now it’s a story about ASBO kids with the twist being they have superpowers. Now that doesn’t sound like much has changed, but it now has a fundamentally different base on which the stories are built. The stories now centre around the relationships of the characters with the superpowers taking a back seat. I don’t know whether that makes it a worse show, but it makes it far less interesting to me. I watched the first four episodes this series and except for the Nazi episode which was brilliant, the show just doesn’t seem entertaining anymore. So that’s it lost one viewer.
Oh, and Desperate Scousewives looks like the worst thing ever. I haven’t seen it so I can’t give a proper opinion, but I saw the advert for it and I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

WISH I’D SEEN: The Walking Dead… I suppose.

The Walking Dead. People keep telling me to watch this and telling me how good it is. I mean, I don’t doubt it, but I find it kind of difficult to start watching new TV shows. Especially the ones with over-arching stories, I just don’t have time. I mean I still haven’t watched season three of The Wire, so maybe I will see this in seven years time. But I doubt it. Sounds good, but sounding isn’t enough. To be honest I don’t watch much TV nowadays except my old favourites, the only new show I watched was Black Mirror and I really didn’t see what the fuss was about it. So, while I say I wish I’d seen things, I really don’t mind. I watch the things I like and the other things don’t bother me.


As a heads-up, I don’t actually watch TV. Ever. I very rarely make an effort to watch anything, so these reviews are far less based than the games one. So apologies for how shit they are, this is more like a little round-up thing.

BEST: Limmy’s Show Series 2

I’m a big fan of Limmy from back when his stuff was online, so when his sketch show was aired on the BBC, I was clearly excited. The first series was excellent, and the second even better, a really good laugh, and one to watch again, and again, and again.

RUNNER UP: Doctor Who Series 6

Doctor Who had to be here somewhere. This series was superb, improving on the formula of the previous one, with a lot of emphasis on consequences, rather than just adventure.

WORST: Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011

What even was this? I mean, the overall quality of this episode was a huge drop from the series earlier this year. The plot was some nonsense loosely based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, with undercurrents of save the planet, thrown in without much thought. Now, I know that last year it was based on A Christmas Carol, and that was excellent. But this year’s was only based in the setting of the Narnia novel, rather than actually being in the story.

Another issue I have with this episode is the visual effects. i don’t know if it’s down to lack of funds or time or whatever, all I know is I was really not impressed, from even before the title, they seemed nowhere near as good as those of the series.

WISH I’D SEEN: Black Mirror
Charlie Brooker’s new program sounded really quite good, and I’ve only heard good things about since it’s been on, but I just forgot to watch it. I’d heard interviews with Brooker on the radio and read about it and been really quite excited, but when it was actually on I didn’t even think to watch it. My loss, I guess.

Come back tomorrow for third and final part, our look at the films of 2011.

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