Monday, 14 March 2011

On a happier note, i'm about to die.

Sorry for the bleakness of my last post, but sometime the chinese being closed really just gets to me. Anyway, I thought I'd cheer you all up from the brink of sucide with the news that me and Lewis Bage are about to watch what could very possibly be the worst film I've ever heard of.

It's called "An Ants Life". It's a rip-off of A Bugs Life. Which in itself wasn't all that good, and really didn't need ripped off. Now, I know nothing more about this film, so why would i say it's going to be the worst film ever. The cover:

Now you see why I think that. Oh well, don't judge a dvd by it's cover, I'm away to watch it. Maybe i'll have to eat humble pie. But I doubt it. If i survive, I'll let you know.

Ps. I found a hair under my eyelid. A long one, like you'd have on your head. Any explanation?

For some reason this didn't post properly the first time I told it to on facebook. Seriously Blogger, whatcha playing at.

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