Sunday, 20 March 2011

Robocop's Stupid. Very Stupid.

Robocop's a good film. I'm not going to say it's bad, it's one of my favourites. That doesn't mean I can't say it's stupid. But the concept of a cop who was killed and brought back to life as a cyborg is a bit ridiculous, but it's pulled off really well. The characters are good except for a black guy which I can't tell whether he's the comic relief or not because he is just SO camp, it's unreal. He's like the Graham Norton of Detroit. Except black. If it was made now, he'd probably be played by Chris Rock.

No this title's mainly so I can make blogs called Robocop 2's Stupid and Robocop 3's so stupid it has Robot Ninjas in it! without people thinking they've missed the first part. Robocop is not that stupid. It has a robot that falls down some stairs then shrieks like a squashed cat, but somehow it's still not stupid. EXCEPT, one moment.

The criminals are chasing Robocup of tea. One tries to run him over then crashes into a tank of toxic waste. And he doesn't die, instead he immediately changes into this:

WHAT THE FUCK. This film acts totally real, then pulls this mofucka on us! That must've been some serious shit he got on him. He then stumbles about shouting "HELP ME" and too right, he certainly needs help, I think he's got lost from a completely different film. And no-one mentions the toxic waste before, so this comes completely out of nowhere, and he dies about a minute after, and is never mentioned again. No movie. You don't get to pull that shit and think we'll just accept it. EXPLAIN YO'SELF.

But to be honest. It's funny, and it doesn't ruin the film, just makes it a bit stupid. Unlike whats to come in parts 2 and 3. Fuckin Robot Ninjas.

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