Saturday, 30 April 2011

30 Day Catch-Up. Days 4/5/6

I haven't really been doing these days when I've been meant to, so now the podcast is finished with we can catch up to where we should be. Luckily these 3 days are quite short due to me not having a lot to say about them. So lets dive right in with:

DAY 4: YOUR VIEWS ON RELIGIONLook back to my Easter Blog to get a rant about religion which gives the idea of my views. I think if it makes you happy then you can believe what you want, but don't try and tell me you're right. I don't really have a lot more to say about it really. My view of religion is simple, but at least it's clear. I don't believe in anything like God, and even if a god did exist then you shouldn't need to worship them because if they have an ego that big that everyone has to, then they don't deserve your praise.

DAY 5: A TIME YOU THOUGHT ABOUT ENDING YOUR OWN LIFEI haven't. But if I had I'd hardly post it up here so everyone I know can see it. If you've felt that way it should be private, between you and anyone you choose to tell, and whoever came up with this day's idea is an insensative prick. But, I did deliberately faint to get out of P.E. once, maybe that's good enough?

DAY 6: WRITE 30 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT YOURSELFDepends what your idea of interesting is. Here are 30 facts. You can decide if they're interesting.
1. One of my favourite films is Men In Black 2.
2. I own all the big Hollywood Batman and Superman films.
3. I never had a home console til I was 14.
4. I was on River City.
5. I know all the words to Sexual Healing and sing it on rides at the carnival.
6. I also know all the words to Jump In My Car which is odd because just the other day I got told I look like David Hasselhoff.
7. I'm watching Red Dwarf while I write this.
8. I currently smell of vinegar because I was trying to take stickers off my dvd's.
9. I've seen every episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
10. I have a rap about me.
11. The rap's about the time I had it off in The Shore toilets.
12. I threw an egg out a 8th floor window yesterday.
13. I seem to be immune to alcohol.
14. I was on River City.
15. I used to be in a band. We were pretty poor.

And there's more. More than 15 more. But I'm bored writing them so I'm sure you're bored reading them, and I don't want to bore you.

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