Friday, 29 April 2011

The CG and Lewis Bage Podcast Part 3 + Day 3

That's the final part of The Box Podcast. BUT, never fear. There's an extra 12 minute podcast already made for your listening pleasure. That'll be up in due course, putting it up now might be a bit too much in whole go for your fragile minds to handle.

Unfortunately I've been a busy boy for the last few days what with the Royal Wedding, my appearance on LTWW Season 2, and various nights out I haven't planned. So I've fallen behind on the 30 day challenge. But now it's time to catch up.

Day 3: Your views on alcohol and drugs
I'm now 18. So my view on alcohol has changed from "ooh, forbidden drink! it must be good!" to an actual opinion. I would like it. It makes people do stupid things and behave terribly, but I don't think there's anything wrong with being an idiot every so often. If you need alcohol to have a good time then you're doing something wrong, but if it just makes the fun times even better I don't see any crime in that. But my major problem with alcohol is that it doesn't work anymore.

I used to have half a bottle of vodka and my head would be swimming my thoughts would be all blurry and I'd be falling about all over the place, but it doesn't happen anymore. I don't think i've been drunk in about 3 months. I just drink huge amounts, get at most tipsy then get bored because everyone is a lot drunker than I am. For instance, today was the Royal Wedding and  we did a drinking game. Everyone was very drunk, BB shouted at randoms in the street, Tara collapsed into a pile, and I had a lot of fun, but I would have had the exact same amount of fun if I was sober. Alcohol added nothing. I walked the streets of Dundee in a womens almost fur coat, scarf, hat and shades, but I'd be perfectly happy to do that sober. All that happens now is my head feels a bit blurry. But my mind still works completely fine. Which is disappointing, I want to get drunk so I'm a mess. But what does that say about me? My last proper drunk night, I stole a jacket and phone from a house and just left them lying in town, puked out the door of a moving taxi and almost had sex with my friend's mum. And that sounds fun, I'd like more nights like that. Unfortunately, I don't remember it.

Drugs, though. I'm not embarassed to admit I've done some light drugs. But I must not have done enough, because I've never felt any different after doing them. So, at the moment I don't see the appeal and I'm not going to inject myself with smack to find out what it is. So I don't have an opinion, except weed pizza was the cause of the Box Podcast, so it should never be legalized or everyone'll stuck in a box. And we can't have that.

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