Monday, 25 April 2011

The Late Easter Blog

Apparently today's Easter monday. I haven't heard the Easter story in a few years having left school and not getting forced into awkwardly religious assemblies. But from what I remember I can't see why Easter monday exists. Jesus "allegedly" came back to life on Sunday, what more could he on the monday to top that? Maybe he just had a bitchin' party. I would if I was resurrected.

As you can probably guess from that, I don't believe the Easter story, but that doesn't mean I'm against Easter. Any excuse to get free chocolate from the parents is welcome. To be honest, when I have my own kids I'll hate it, but for the moment, I haven't got a problem. But it did make me think. As with most people, I used to go to school. And every year, we'd have an assembly at Christmas and Easter telling us the Christian stories about them. And I know that's supposedly the reason behind them, but take Christmas. It's on the same date as old pagan festivals. Then it moved on to Christianity. And now it's moving on again. We still celebrate, and give each other presents, but it's celebrating a season of goodwill, which although more abstract is a far better idea than worshipping some deity. We're celebrating the best about ourselves, when we can come together and have fun. That's fine.

It just annoy me that every year we have the same old Christian stories forced on us. Schools are supposed to be non-denominational, right? Well telling everyone how Jesus rose from the grave like it's a fact and not just a belief isn't very non-denominational. Of course, the argument back is that if you don't believe you can opt out, but that's not the point. There shouldn't be something you have to opt out from. I don't have a problem with people believing this stuff, even though I personally think it's bull. If they want to, you can't stop them, and neither should you try to. But I don't need to hear about it every year. I'm not even saying there should be mass celebrations of Ramadan or other religions events  like that, because 1. There are so many that it'd get out of hand and 2. They would just seperate people more. There just shouldn't be religious events at non-religious places. Sure, celebrate Jesus in church, but don't make me sing hymns at my primary school.

This was a bit serious, i'll post something silly next, but it just annoys me. Just imagine if I lived in America. With all the die-hard religious nuts there, I think I'd have a heart attack.

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