Monday, 11 April 2011

Robocop: Prime Directive's stupid. Actually no, it's just shite.

I can’t do it. I could to tell you about this Robocop TV spin-off. I could tell you about the stupid things that happen in it. A man with an obviously fake moustache being made into a second Robocop. Rob’s son turning up as a boring executive. Robocop being secondary to the story and getting beat up every 5 minutes. Rob’s face looking like he’s about 90 years old. Terrible acting. About 2 pieces of music. Rob disguised by wearing a cloak. And this guy as a serious villain:

It’s got more ridiculous things in it than... well Robocop 2. Not 3. Never 3. So that means it’s at least funny? But, no. It’s just sooo boring. It’s a set of 4 films with enough plot for 1. There’s so much padding and repeated fights that it’s almost completely unwatchable. I hate Robocop 3. It’s a travesty. But at least it was watchable. I think Rob fighting ninjas is awful, but I wouldn’t turn away an opportunity to watch that. But Prime Directives are just dull. Maybe it would be good if half of it was cut out, but that’s not the point. As it is, no-one except for an idiot, a hardcore Robocop fan, or me could sit through it. Any normal person would turn it off. Even I, who watched it just to make fun of it had to stop it every 20 minutes to do something else to stop my brain shutting down. So I won’t make fun of anything. It ain’t worth it.

“Damn cyborgs. Making life tough for the rest of us. Always smashing through doors and blowing up property. Why can’t they use the front door?”
Robocop drives through window.That made me laugh. But so did the Robocop 3 “ghost cop scene”.

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